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What a chair-ming game!

It could have used a little more content, but for a Lumps Play Quickie! it worked out pretty well. Cheers!


EDIT: Damn, you already said "chairming" in a comment! dangit. 

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Hmm... I get a "fatal error" when I try to run it.

Windows 7
64 bit

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Hmm, that's a first! Do you by any chance have a Phenom series CPU? From what I've been able to find, there seems to be some kind of issue with Unreal Engine 4 and Phenom CPUs which may sometimes result in something like that.

No. It's an old system (i3). Which usually means unreal games won't work but occasionally they do.
I've never seen this particular error on unreal games but I do get some other ones often. If I'm the only one who got it it's not worth worrying about since my system might not be powerful enough to play it anyways.

I didn't know I could ever develop a fear of chairs while also falling in love with one. 

Hard not to fall in love with an object that chairming, amirite or amirite? Thanks for playing :)

(+1) are now my favorite developer, good job.


IT IS HERE TO STAY.. | Stand Behind The Chair Full Gameplay Walkthrough

Great video mate, thank you for the coverage! :)

Thanks man :)

*Rurr* Hello everyone - I have given this game a go and finally released it :P Hope you enjoy and anyone else who watches it.

Haha, always happy to see people who do know their wood types! Thanks for playing :D

This was a really cool little short. Thanks for making and I hope to see you make more!

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Haha, thank you, was cool to see it being played and see your reactions :)